Exactly one year ago today we suspended operations over at our primary website in order to test WordPress as a viable option for content management.  During the past year WordPress has proven itself a fantastic tool for fast and easy posting of news, reviews, and videos, but having them host our site did come with limitations.

So, as of today we have resume operations at our former home with an all-new site design powered by WordPress.   We will no longer be updating this site with new information, so for any coverage posted between 11/26/12 and 11/26/13 look here, but for anything newer please go to…


And make sure to “follow” us on our new site, or LIKE us on Facebook to get updates on our all content as we post it.  Thanks for sticking with us this past year as we did our little experiment.   We’re still building up our content at our new site, so please bear with us the first few weeks, as the stats system slowly balances out.  I think you’ll find the new site design much better organized and easier to navigate.

See you at our new home.


Mark Smith – Editor-in-Chief