On Tuesday, November 19 North American fans will get their first taste of next-gen basketball when the NBA LIVE 14 demo launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.* The full-featured demo provides multiple game modes such as full games in Tip-Off, bite-sized BIG Moments challenges and a series of Fantasy Showdowns in LIVE Ultimate Team.

Those looking for a full-game experience can jump into Tip-Off and play as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, New York Knicks or Golden State Warriors. Utilizing the power of CourtQ and Synergy Sports, the rosters, ratings and tendencies of all teams and players in the demo will be updated throughout the season. Players will also be able to enjoy Offline head-to-head matchups and take on their buddies in local couch play.

Those looking for a quick challenge take on one of five BIG Moments, ranging from last-second buzzer-beaters to full-quarter challenges. The BIG Moments are comprised of some of the most scintillating performances of the young 2013 – 2014 NBA season, letting you take control of some of the most impressive players and teams this year.

Fans can also get their first taste of LIVE Ultimate Team, taking on a series of Fantasy Challenges with an absolutely stocked Ultimate Team roster. Players will be able to take control of Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Victor Oladipo, Ricky Rubio, Damian Lillard and Kemba Walker and put the young point guards to the test in a series of matchups. How do you stack up against a team of former NBA LIVE cover athletes like Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan and Carmelo Anthony? Additional challenges against other teams brimming with talent await, have you got the skills to run the table?

*Demo will be available worldwide on November 22 for Xbox One and November 29 for PS4.

NBA LIVE 14 is developed in Orlando, Florida by EA Tiburon and is available for pre-order on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 at all major retailers. NBA LIVE 14 will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 19, 2013 in North America, and worldwide on November 22 on Xbox One and November 29 for PlayStation 4. With the power of EA SPORTS IGNITE, NBA LIVE 14 will deliver True Player Motion, Human Intelligence and Living Worlds to the hardwood. To learn more about NBA LIVE 14, visit http://www.easports.com/nba-live, and be sure to follow the NBA LIVE 14 Facebook and Twitter pages for breaking news and information.