Second-Screen Experience Puts a Defensive Coordinator on Your Smartphone or Tablet

EA SPORTS unveiled CoachGlass, a powerful new defensive tool for tablets and smartphones that will change the way fans play Madden NFL 25. CoachGlass allows players to see their opponent’s offensive tendencies, personnel groupings and major weapons, and suggests defensive plays designed to counter the offense’s biggest strengths. CoachGlass uses the power of the crowd to pull data from tens of thousands of online matchups, with regular updates providing a fresh stream of content and recommendations to users. CoachGlass will be available for Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One at launch. A video of CoachGlass in action can be found here

CoachGlass is useful for all skill levels, as it can be used to select plays based on offensive personnel groups, or to track tendencies at various downs and distances in order help players predict the opposition’s tendencies, and call plays to defend the part of the field their opponent is likely to attack. CoachGlass also allows users to browse through previous plays called during a given game, with filters to sort by down, distance and more. Best of all, CoachGlass can be used at any point in a game, as well as both online and offline in Play Now, Connected Franchise, Madden Ultimate Team and other modes.

CoachGlass also opens up new opportunities for co-op, allowing one player to take the tablet or smartphone and act as defensive coordinator, while another player handles the on-field action. It’s a perfect way for players to teach friends and loved ones the strategy of football in a fun and approachable way.

CoachGlass is part of SmartGlass for Xbox One and is exclusive to Microsoft. CoachGlass can be accessed on any tablet or smartphone that is able to download SmartGlass for Xbox One.