Just in time for the new school term, Thrustmaster is unveiling a versatile and comprehensive new controller that will enable gamers to make the most of the new automotive racing games available for PlayStation®3 and PC – the new Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition.


With its new official Ferrari-licensed racing wheel, the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition, Thrustmaster has opted for an extremely versatile approach that will appeal to many players.  The aim is to offer fans of automotive racing games for PS3™ and PC a unique driving experience that truly recreates the unique spirit of the legendary cars.

Compatible with all current and forthcoming automotive racing games for PlayStation®3 and PC, the Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition is designed to offer unrivalled efficiency. Its remarkably versatile and ergonomic design guarantees exceptional performance on all tracks, and on all kinds of races. The user indeed benefits from optimum driving conditions, thanks to the racing wheel’s comfortable Ferrari® red textured grips. The wheel-mounted paddle shifters controlling the sequential gearbox offer unrivalled ergonomics and ease of access; users can shift gears easily and instinctively, while enjoying both comfort and performance.  The racing wheel’s sensitivity is adjustable, allowing more precise driving. The pedal set has been honed with great care; it enables precise acceleration and braking, thus ensuring perfect cornering on all race tracks. In addition, it boasts an optimized extra-wide design and features 2 pedals with a wide footrest; each pedal’s angle can be adjusted individually. Finally, since many victories are paradoxically obtained through superior braking, the brake pedal offers progressive resistance, ensuring maximum realism and efficiency.

The Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition also features high-performance built-in technologies designed to help you close the fastest laps: 2 programmable shifters, 11 action buttons and a D-Pad. The racing wheel offers realistic linear resistance, thanks to the exclusive Bungee Cord system, designed by Thrustmaster® and the automatic centering feature. This racing wheel’s incomparable versatility extends to its central attachment system, which is suited to all types of desktops and tables.

The Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition will be available in late September, at the suggested retail price of $69.99.