X Rebirth – The Next Generation of Space Simulations

Release Date November 15, 2013


Seven years in the making, X Rebirth is more than an evolutionary step for Egosoft’s X Universe series, it’s a rethink of what space simulations can be. Tri Synergy and Egosoft are pleased  to announce that X Rebirth will be released in North America on November 15, 2013.

X Rebirth starts a new experience in the X universe with numerous gameplay innovations, a new game design and jaw-dropping graphics.

Why such a long gestation period?

Put in one word, that reason is scale. As Egosoft’s Studio Head Bernd Lehahn explains, “Our goal with the design of X Rebirth was to achieve a huge scale. I do not mean the physical size of the universe which is easy to increase. I am talking about a living, breathing futuristic universe crawling with life”

Call them details, but at the end of the day they matter, and make the universe real.

Complexity is great – Complicated controls are not.

X Rebirth no longer requires a PhD in advanced space game menus. Intuitive controls and streamlined and simple menus make for easy gameplay while not sacrificing any of the depth and complexity of the universe that awaits you.

About X Rebirth

A supernova has changed the balance of power. As the universe rearranges itself, old alliances have fallen and new enemies have emerged. Enter Ren Otani, commander of the “Pride of Albion”, a ship with a glorious past. Together with your female co-pilot, face the challenges of a turbulent universe as you play a vital role for the future of the X Universe.

X stands for TRADING

The backbone of all X games is a fully simulated economy based on supply and demand and within a complex geopolitical environment. Your actions in this universe matter to a degree never before seen in space simulations because every ship and station in this game REALLY does have a task. Shoot a destroyer or transport ship in this universe and somewhere its freight will not arrive causing a ripple in the economy.

X stands for FIGHTING

Battles in X Rebirth know no limits. While beginners start with one ship, experts will own fleets of ships comprised of all sizes and classes. Battles will be fought on every scale, from one-on-one skirmishes to epic winner-take-all engagements between fleets. Which faction you fight for is up to you. Be a pirate or work for the police, join the military or just fight for yourself.

X stands for BUILDING

From trade stations to large factories, from farms to high tech military complexes – everything can be built by the player. As you progress through the game, you decide which stations to build in order to increase your influence and standing in the universe. For example, commercial stations can be built to earn money through trading, while military installations can be built to help win battles.

X stands for THINKING

A detailed and rich backstory, and a deep and complex plot awaits you. Players can choose to engage in the missions related to the plot, or to follow their own path. Either way, the universe awaiting them will always be fascinating and interesting to explore and experience.

TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK. Most importantly, X stands for the biggest sandbox in existence. The plot and the intricate background story never force any action upon the player. You have full freedom in an authentic universe where your decisions and actions truly make a difference.

Visit the X Universe Channel for regular developer diary videos in the lead up to the November 15, 2013 launch, and visit the official X Rebirth website for more information.