Free-To-Play Title Based on Global Hit STARZ® Original Series Delivers Visceral, Arena-Style Combat to Microsoft Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation®Network

 Ubisoft® announced the release of its highly anticipated gladiator fighting game, Spartacus® Legends. Based on the globally acclaimed STARZ Original Series, Spartacus Legends delivers a deep and robust fighting game experience with intense visceral combat, ruthless and varied armor and weapons, eight unique and customizable fight styles and devastating multiplayer action.  Ubisoft’s first ever free-to-play title on consoles, Spartacus Legends is available now in North America on the Xbox Live® online entertainment network from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network and is rated “M” for Mature.

Spartacus Legends is a perfect extension to the STARZ Original Series, allowing fans to experience all of their favorite moments from the show,” said Chris Early, vice president of Digital Publishing, Ubisoft. “Spartacus Legends is now the number one destination for fans who want to live the life of a gladiator, become a lanista, build a ludus and battle for eternal glory and honor in the arena!”

Set during the late Roman Empire, Spartacus Legends puts players in charge of their own stable of gladiators, with the goal of raising the most powerful house of warriors in all of Capua. Spartacus Legends allows players to follow in the footsteps of Spartacus as he grows from a mere slave to near-mythological status as the Champion of the Capua and Bringer of Rain.

Developed by Kung-Fu Factory, Spartacus Legends will completely immerse players in the glorious world of gladiatorial combat:

  • Create your own legendary gladiators from scratch and play as Spartacus, Crixus and other major gladiators from the STARZ Original Series.
  • Improve your gladiators with perks and boosts to increase your fame or elevate your abilities as well as equip devastating new weapons and armor.
  • Become a lanista and manage an entire ludus of combatants – purchase new gladiators with unique skills and use them in combat to increase your gladiator school’s fame.
  • Climb the ranks and test your fighting skills in multiplayer combat with friends, foes and the world’s best online warriors.

Spartacus Legends is free-to-play and available now on Xbox Live for players with an Xbox Live Gold membership to download for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and on Sony PlayStation®Network.  For more information about the game, please visit the official Web site at www.spartacuslegends.com.