Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is pleased to announce today the launch of LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey, now available in all major retail stores in North America for Nintendo 3DS™ ($29.99) and PlayStation® Vita ($29.99). The game, rated E10+ (appropriate for everyone ages 10 and older), will also be available for Nintendo DS™ this fall.

In LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey, players embark on an amazing adventure into the world of Chima where Laval, the brave warrior and headstrong prince of the Lion Tribe, and his allies are called upon to fight for justice. Players explore the vast lands of Chima, all the while discovering and unlocking more than 60 characters, collecting and using a variety of tools, and reaching secret parts of the game to access hidden collectibles.

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Get ready for an epic adventure as Laval races to unlock the secret of the legendary triple-Chi armor before Cragger can manipulate its awesome power to threaten the balance of Chima itself! Laval and his allies will explore Lion Temple, Eagle Spire, Gorilla Forrest, Rhino Quary, Croc Swamp and more as they harness the power of Chi to leap, swing, fly and fight through 15 levels of intense action! Can Laval discover the truth behind the legend of the triple-Chi before it’s too late?