EA and Victory Games have revealed the closed beta plans and released a new trailer to kick-off E3 2013. This summer, players will have a chance to join the closed beta and provide the developers with valuable feedback as Victory Games is dedicated to player-driven design, where a large part of evolving, developing and expanding game content is based on community activity. Please see the press release attached for more details.

The next installment of Command & Conquer will mark a return to the core gameplay that put the series on the map. In addition to strategic, fast-paced, high action, Command & Conquer also introduces a large variety of Generals, which gives each commander the freedom to conquer on their own terms.

Command & Conquer will be available as a free, live service for the PC later in 2013. For more information and to register for a chance to be selected for closed beta access, please visit www.CommandandConquer.com.