Ubisoft and Blue Byte have today released a new Dev Diary Video highlighting the Dynamic Campaign and Wolfpack Mission features in their upcoming Silent Hunter Online.


  • The Dynamic Campaign is an overarching phased meta-game within Silent Hunter allowing ALL players to dynamically contribute to the larger war effort: control of the Atlantic!  The game will launch with only a single phase of the Atlantic campaign unlocked.  Players will need to cooperate as a community to unlock subsequent campaigns and secondary objectives.  The SHO Allied Forces A.I. can and WILL retake theaters, which will also require the community to respond defensively.


  • Wolfpack Missions are essentially co-op gameplay with friends.  Players can invite their friends or other SHO community members to partake in any single player missions they encounter.  Because the Silent Hunter campaign is dynamic and ever changing players will regularly encounter missions that will provide greater rewards with co-op help.

What’s the underlying concept behind the dynamic campaign?

In our dynamic campaign system, players will experience the vagaries of the war in the Atlantic. All the players will join the war effort on the side of the German Kriegsmarine (German navy) and each will play their part to achieve a common objective: control of the Atlantic. When using this system, players will be contributing to a massive military operation, and no player will fight alone in this war, as you have the rest of the players on your side!


What’s the structure of a campaign?

The campaign system consists of several campaign phases. Only the home waters campaign will be available at the start of the game, and players must cooperate to access subsequent campaigns, each consisting of several secondary objectives that also contain missions. So you must successfully fight your way through several missions to complete a secondary objective to access the next one.


How do I access campaigns and how does the combined progress of all the players unlock new campaign phases?

To enter a new campaign, you must fight your way sector by sector to the key targets. The individual successes of all the players on the server will be added up, and this total will reflect the extent of the German U-boat fleet’s dominance. Once the players have gained enough victories, new campaign phases will be unlocked for all the players, so every personal victory can help shape the course of the war!


What about the Allied forces? Will they regain their lost dominance?

The Allied forces will not sit idly by while the Kriegsmarine snatches victory in all the strategically important campaigns! The enemy may regain supremacy in the previously played campaign phases, which will have game consequences for the missions in this and subsequent campaigns. So you are encouraged to keep participating in missions in campaigns you have already played. Moreover, all the Captains playing on a server need to coordinate their efforts. Make sure you don’t neglect a previously completed campaign; if you do, the enemy may be able to reinforce their presence in the relevant maritime areas!


How does my individual progress relate to the server-wide progress?

Always bear in mind that your individual progress is subordinate to the global progress. You may be a decisive success factor in the war, but you are not waging this war single-handed – you are part of a large group of players! Even though you personally may have fulfilled all the conditions to unlock a campaign, the added global progress of the other players on the server may not yet match your personal progress, in which case you will be denied access to these campaigns. This is why you must participate in campaigns you have previously played to increase your joint dominance in these zones.